Bernard Koech And Dorcas Tuitoek Crowned Champions Of This Year’S Haspa Marathon

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In an exhilarating handball match at the ongoing Special Secondary Schools Games, Rift Valley Region emerged victorious over Coast Region with a score of 71. The games, held at Dagorete High School, brought together eight regional teams consisting of athletes with special needs.

Tough Battles and Triumphs

Coast Region faced a challenging day as they suffered defeats against Nyanza and Rifty Valley regions. They lost 4-2 against Nyanza and 7-1 against Rift Valley in the men's handball matches. Similarly, Central Region also encountered tough competition, losing twice to Western and Yonza regions with scores of 10-0 and 5-0 respectively. The games not only showcased the impressive skills of the athletes but also highlighted their determination and resilience.

Categories and Sports

The Special Secondary Schools Games are divided into three categories: hearing impaired, vision impaired, and physically challenged. Athletes participate in various sports, including javelin athletics and handball. This platform creates an inclusive environment for individuals with diverse abilities to showcase their talents and compete at a high level.

Seeking Sponsorship and Support

One important aspect of these games is the need for sponsorship. We are calling upon individuals and organizations who are able to contribute to come forward and support us. Sponsorship can come in the form of trophies or any other incentives to motivate and reward our participants. Your valuable support will not only encourage these athletes but also contribute to the growth and development of inclusive sports in our country.

Champions of International Marathons

In other sports news, Kenyan athletes continue to dominate international marathons. Kenya's Barnard Courage and Orca's Twitter Ek were crowned champions of this year's Husba Marathon held in Hamburg, Germany. Meanwhile, Samuel Milu made history by smashing a nine-year-old course record to win the 2023 Vienna City Marathon in Austria.

Milu displayed extraordinary strength and determination, finishing the marathon in an impressive time of two hours, four minutes, and nine seconds, setting a new course record on the challenging terrain. Accompanying him on the podium, Joshua Bellet and Martin Cosgay secured second and third positions respectively.

In the women's competition, Tutorial emerged victorious, clocking a remarkable time of two hours, 20 minutes, and nine seconds, leaving Ethiopia's Durham in second place. Uganda's Telesan also showcased exceptional talent, finishing strong in the marathon.

Thrilling Triumphs and Records Broken

Kenya's Samuel Milu continued the trend of triumphs by surpassing the nine-year-old course record at the Vienna City Marathon. He completed the marathon in two hours, five minutes, and eight seconds, securing a well-deserved victory. Among his compatriots, Bethany finished in second place, while Magdalene Musti emerged as the women's champion with a time of two hours, 24 minutes, and 12 seconds.

This year's edition of the Husba Hamburg Marathon and the Vienna City Marathon witnessed exceptional performances from the Kenyan athletes. They displayed unparalleled endurance, determination, and resilience, setting new benchmarks and showcasing Kenya's dominance in the world of long-distance running.

As we conclude the Special Secondary Schools Games tomorrow, we eagerly anticipate cheering for the deserving winners and celebrating the incredible talents displayed by athletes with special needs. Let us continue to support and uplift these remarkable individuals, ensuring inclusivity in the world of sports.

Thank you for reading this exhilarating sports report! Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events.

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Bernard Koech and Dorcas Tuitoek crowned champions of this year’s Haspa Marathon
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