Aespa 에스파 'Welcome To My World (Feat. Nævis)' Mv

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Have you ever felt like you were trapped inside a maze, yearning for a sweet escape? Do you crave the excitement of exploring new worlds and connecting with different cultures? If so, then welcome to MY world, a place where borders and language barriers are lifted, and the beauty of diversity blooms. Join me on this multilingual journey as we delve into the realms of communication, understanding, and the power of shared experiences.

Beyond Where Feet Fear to Tread

In our everyday lives, we often find ourselves conforming to societal norms and staying within our comfort zones. But in MY world, we embrace the unfamiliar and venture into territories where feet fear to tread. It's a new world, where possibilities abound and connection knows no bounds.

Imagine standing face to face with someone who speaks a different language, yet their truth remains the same. The barriers of communication may be present, but deep down, we all seek the same joy, love, and understanding. In MY world, language becomes a bridge that unites us rather than divides us. The clash of unfamiliar tongues becomes a symphony of shared experiences.

A City of Lights and Dreams

In the bustling streets of MY city, lights flicker and dreams come alive. With each step, flowers bloom in your wake, symbolizing the growth and beauty that arises when diverse cultures come together. It's a city created by the collaboration of individuals from all walks of life, nurturing an environment where uniqueness is celebrated.

As our hands clasp and two different worlds make contact, a sense of unity is awakened. In this moment, we realize that despite our differences, we are bound by the intricate threads of humanity. The city's beauty shines even brighter when different lights illuminate its streets, reminding us that diversity is the heartbeat of progress and innovation.

The Real World: Where Colors Paint the Same Dream

Welcome to the real world, where the limitations of language and cultural barriers are shattered. Here, you and I take ownership of the city, molding it into a vibrant tapestry of possibilities. Our diverse colors blend harmoniously as we paint the same dream, breaking free from the constraints of societal norms.

In this real world, a clear voice rings out, offering a resounding wake-up call. It is a call to embrace the power of understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. As we awaken to this new world, we discover that our shared experiences have the potential to transcend language and cultural differences.


Welcome to MY world, a place where borders are mere illusions and language is a tool for connection. It is a world where the collision of cultures sparks creativity, innovation, and growth. As we navigate through this multilingual journey, we come to realize that diversity enriches our lives and expands our horizons.

So, let's dance to the rhythm of different languages, let our truths unite us, and let our shared experiences shape the future. In MY world, possibilities are limitless, and the only border is the one we create in our own minds. Embrace the invitation and embark on this exhilarating journey. Welcome to MY world.

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aespa 에스파 'Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)' MV
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