Ukraine And Russia's Battle For Bakhmut Degrading Forces, Says Mod - Bbc News

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The war in Ukraine has been a topic of concern and discussion for quite some time now. One particular area that has been heavily affected by the ongoing fighting is the city of Bakmut, located in the eastern region of the country. This city, which is close to the areas occupied by Russia and Ukraine's Eastern Donbass region, has effectively been under siege for months.

The Russian forces have been advancing on Bakmut, but Ukraine's military leadership has made a promise to keep fighting for the city. There were initial speculations about a possible withdrawal, but President Zielinski has ruled that out. The head of the Wagner mercenary group, which is spearheading the Russian attack, has called for more ammunition and reinforcements in order to secure victory.

The UK's Ministry of Defense has also touched on Bakmut in its daily intelligence bulletin on Ukraine. It states that the Ukrainian defense of the city continues to degrade forces on both sides. However, it also notes that over the weekend, the defenders likely stabilized their defensive perimeter following previous Russian advances into the north of the town.

Despite these efforts, there are significant challenges faced by Ukraine due to Russia's destruction of bridges leading to Bakmut. This has hampered Ukraine's resupply efforts as they are forced to use unpaved tracks. The situation remains tense and uncertain as both sides continue their struggle for control over this strategic city.

Rehabilitation for Wounded Soldiers: A Glimmer of Hope

While we often hear about casualties from the war in Ukraine, little attention is given to what happens to those who have been injured in the conflict. Recently, the BBC was granted access to one hospital in Lviv, Western Ukraine, where wounded soldiers receive specialist rehabilitation treatment.

In this hospital, thousands of injured soldiers find themselves seeking treatment for old injuries sustained from explosions or shells. One such soldier is Ilia Pilopenko, whose war ended when his tank hit a mine in the southern Her Song region. He suffered burns across a third of his body and severely injured his leg.

The journey for wounded soldiers like Ilia is a long and arduous one. They undergo numerous surgeries, skin grafts, and operations in the hope of saving their limbs. However, for many, losing a limb does not mean the end of their story. Ilia is learning to look ahead and embrace the next chapter of his life, which may not involve being on the front line.


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Ukraine and Russia's battle for Bakhmut degrading forces, says MoD - BBC News
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