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In a hidden fortress guarded by a password-protected gate, the Teen Titans are on a mission to obtain the code. But instead of using sophisticated hacking techniques, Robin plans to trick the system by impersonating none other than The Joker. However, his impression falls flat, as his fellow Titans quickly realize that it's just a poor imitation of Jared Leto's Joker portrayal.

Feeling embarrassed, Robin decides to try a different approach. He casually leans against a lever, hoping to distract everyone from his failed impersonation. But little does he know that Batman has hidden an egg inside one of The Joker's gloves. As Robin leans against the lever, chaos ensues, and the hidden egg is discovered.

Confronting The Joker

Following the discovery of the hidden egg, the Titans take it upon themselves to confront The Joker about his latest scam. They catch him off guard while he's busy plotting his own mischievous plans. Starfire demands the return of her money, but The Joker refuses. He reveals his grand plan to unleash a giant whoopee cushion filled with his patented, deadly Joker toxin. The Titans are determined to stop him.

Titans Go!

The Titans make their move to outsmart The Joker and prevent his evil plan from succeeding. They try to scam him, using various tactics to distract him and seize the opportunity to disarm the giant whoopee cushion. But The Joker proves to be one step ahead, thwarting their attempts with his devious tricks. In the end, the Titans are forced to retreat.

The Gauntlet of Batman's Villains

After their failed attempt to stop The Joker, the Titans find themselves facing a new challenge. Batman's greatest villains have escaped Arkham Asylum, and it's up to the Titans to capture them. Excited by the opportunity to prove themselves, the Titans eagerly battle against the gallery of rogues. However, their enthusiasm quickly fades as they find themselves overwhelmed and outmatched.

A Change in Perspective

As the battle against Batman's villains takes a toll on the Titans, their perspective starts to shift. They realize that they are not prepared to face such formidable opponents. Robin blames The Joker for his injuries, but The Joker points out that the true culprit is the poor maintenance of the facility they are fighting in. The dim lights, wet floors, and lack of safety measures have contributed to their defeats.

In a surprising turn of events, The Joker offers to make amends by returning all the money he scammed from them and handing over the deed to the facility. Robin sees an opportunity to turn the tables and accepts, but not without ensuring that The Joker's henchmen now work for him. The Titans, victorious in their negotiation, leave The Joker to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Robin's Revelation

Just when it seems like everything is settled, Robin reveals that he was faking his injuries all along. He teaches the Titans a valuable lesson about deception and resilience. Using their newfound knowledge, the Titans transform themselves into Bat Scouts, ready to take on any challenge. They confront Batman's villains once more, this time successfully defeating them and earning the title of true Bat Scouts.

Acknowledging Alfred's Role

In their moment of triumph, the Titans realize that it was not their money or gadgets that saved the day, but rather the sacrifice and resourcefulness of Alfred, Batman's loyal butler. They learn that money alone cannot solve all problems, and that true heroism comes from within.

As Robin orders Alfred to clean up the mess before Batman's return, he reflects on the lessons they've learned. He realizes that being rich doesn't exempt one from facing consequences for their actions. The Titans may have won the battle, but they understand that true heroism goes beyond wealth and material possessions.

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Best of The JOKER! | Teen Titans Go! | @dckids
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