'Brian's Hat' Full Sketch - I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Season 2

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The Coincidence that Wasn't

Your Honor, the defense has tried to claim that their unloading of Qualstarr stock the week before its value plummeted was sheer coincidence, a very lucrative coincidence. But today, I present to you undeniable evidence that will prove otherwise. This text message exchange between Miss Hubbell and her co-defendant Vincent Alan will shed light on their involvement in insider trading.

A Conversation That Speaks Volumes

Let's dive into these text messages dated April 12th of this year. The conversation begins innocently enough, with Bri asking Vincent if he had spoken to Dan at Qualstarr. Little did they know that this seemingly harmless exchange would reveal their true intentions.

Bri: "Did you talk to Dan at Qualstarr?" Vincent: "He said they're laying off 300 people next week." Bri: "We need to unload our shares before then." Vincent: "I'm on it." Bri: "Be discreet." Vincent: "Of course."

At first glance, it may seem like a typical conversation between colleagues. But as we delve deeper, we stumble upon an unexpected turn of events.

Bri: "Oh, my God. Did you see Brian's hat?" Vincent: "Oh, fuck. Ha-ha-ha-ha!" Bri: "He looks so fucking stupid. I can't breathe." Vincent: "What the hell even is it?" Bri: "It's a fedora with safari flaps in the back." Vincent: "Holy shit!" "He looks so fucking stupid."

Wait a minute! What does Brian's hat have to do with insider trading? It appears that our defendants couldn't resist indulging in some lighthearted mockery amidst their nefarious plans.

The Plot Thickens

As we continue to unravel this web of deceit, the text messages take a more sinister turn.

Vincent: "It's done. I talked to Dan. We're good." Bri: "Loose ends?" Vincent: "We're all good, about to be way better." Bri: Smiley face emoji. Vincent: "Did you see Brian's hat?" -"He's still fucking wearing it." -What the hell? Bri: "Yes, I even saw two cubes in his pocket." "I think he has dice

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'Brian's Hat' Full Sketch - I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2
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