Santiago Creel Evita Cuestionamientos De Su Hija/ Acude Al Homenaje De Ignacio López Tarso.

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Unveiling the Artistic Tapestry

In the grand tapestry of the artistic world, maestro López Tarso emerges as a luminary, a maestro among maestros. As I step into the solemn homage of his funeral honors, I bring forth my sentiments as the president of the Chamber of Deputies. This tribute is not merely an official duty; it's a glimpse into what maestro López Tarso signifies—a giant among giants.

The maestro was not only a deputy for us but, above all, a magnificent artist, a character of characters who enchanted us with his profound representations. His performances spanned from the ancient Greek masterpieces to the works of Shakespeare, Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and, of course, the great Mexican saga. His portrayal of the timeless character Macario etched him into the collective memory as a quintessential Mexican.

The Resonance of Absence

The profound absence left by his departure transforms into a permanent presence for us, the deputies, and undoubtedly for the entirety of Mexico. This absence is so colossal that it lingers as a constant reminder, not just for the political representatives but for the entire nation. The homage paid, including the grandeur of Bellas Artes opening its doors to maestro Ignacio Bueno, speaks volumes of the impact he had on our cultural landscape.

As we extend our condolences on behalf of the Chamber of Deputies and personally, let it be known that personal opinions and political inquiries will not be entertained. In the realm of politics, I am at your service for matters of policy, not personal musings. The campaign and its dynamics are a different sphere altogether, one where my family has not made its presence felt, for we are not currently in a campaign. When the time comes, and if my party deems me fit to represent them, and subsequently, if the coalition sees me as a worthy candidate, then and only then will familial involvement become a consideration.

A Public Persona's Boundary

It is crucial to delineate the boundaries between my public persona and personal life. As a public figure, my allegiance lies with politics. I am currently the representative of a sovereignty—the Chamber of Deputies. This is not just a personal endeavor, although my personal admiration for maestro López Tarso has led me to stand here, shoulder to shoulder with his family. My presence is an official duty, a representation of the sovereignty I stand for in the Chamber of Deputies.

The condolences and shared grief for the loss of this great maestro resonate deeply. The pain is not only mine but extends to his family, and to all who admired the phenomenal actor, Ignacio Bueno.

Looking Forward: A Legacy Preserved

As we look forward, let us anticipate the forthcoming Tuesday, where fellow deputies will express their sentiments. A minute of applause will be requested in the plenary hall, a symbolic act to honor the maestro's legacy. This is the nation's homage to a man who, through his art, touched the very soul of Mexico.

In closing, let me assure you that my focus remains on fulfilling my duties as a representative of a diverse and pluralistic chamber. I am committed to this role until the last moment of my presidency. The path ahead is guided not by personal inclinations but by a dedication to the responsibilities entrusted to me.

Thank you all for understanding the gravity of the moment, and together, let us celebrate the enduring legacy of a maestro who will forever be a giant among giants.

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SANTIAGO CREEL evita cuestionamientos de su hija/ Acude al homenaje de IGNACIO LÓPEZ TARSO.
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