Great News: Community Won! | World Of Tanks

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Introduction: A Surprising Turn of Events

Fellas, I have some good news for you! Who could have expected that all our tears, complaints, and protests would actually lead to a change in the game? I certainly couldn't. I thought we were just going to accept whatever World of Tanks threw our way. But alas, the day has come when I can say, "World of Tanks Community, hear me out!"

Gaming has announced the update 1.20.1 for World of Tanks, along with a revision of the crew system. So, let's dive into what they have done and how it will affect us.

World of Tanks Plus: The Initial Proposal

Initially, World of Tanks Plus was proposed as a subscription service to the game, similar to World of Tanks Premium. The subscription would offer additional benefits, such as 2,000 gold per month, free equipment including bond equipment, and intensive crew training. While some of these features seemed appealing, others, like the inclusion of bond equipment, raised concerns among free-to-play players. It seemed like paying players would have a significant advantage over those who didn't subscribe.

Community Outcry and a Glorious Victory

But let me tell you, fellas, I have never seen a community so united. Everyone was crying, complaining, and berating Wargaming for these proposed changes. And you know what? It worked! Wargaming heard our voices and made some significant changes to World of Tanks Plus.

The most important change is that bond equipment will not be available for free with the subscription. This means that players paying $8.10 can no longer equip every single tank with bond equipment without any skill. While some may be disappointed, it's a victory for the game's balance and fairness.

The New World of Tanks Plus: A Closer Look

Now, let's take a closer look at the revised World of Tanks Plus. Firstly, to receive the 2,000 gold per month, players must play approximately 100 games a week. This requirement ensures that the gold is earned through gameplay and not just handed out freely. It's a reasonable condition, especially considering that the gold can be used for premium days or battle passes.

Another change is the exclusion of an extra map for World of Tanks Plus subscribers. While this feature may seem

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