Diablo 4 - Urgent Beta News Update! Devs Big Response: New Drop Rates Changes, Pets And More!

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The community manager of Diablo 4 recently gave a critical update about the beta. He begins by expressing gratitude to the players for participating in the beta and mentions that their feedback will greatly assist in the game's development. The most important information, however, lies in what players can expect and how their participation impacts the game's development.

One of the first things the community manager addresses is the expected lengthy queue times during the open beta, especially on the first day. This is due to the large number of people anticipated to participate. He explains that this is necessary for stress-testing the systems and ensuring preparedness for the game's launch. Despite the potential frustrations, the team is aiming to have a smooth experience and is actively working to address any issues that arise.

Additionally, there may be temporary game maintenance to address in-game issues or deploy adjustments and fixes. While this may inconvenience players during the beta, the community manager assures that they will consider extending the beta to compensate for any downtime.

The community manager emphasizes the importance of player feedback and encourages players to report any bugs or technical issues they encounter. This feedback will help the development team in improving the game and creating a better overall experience.

Answering Community Questions

The article also addresses various questions from the community and provides answers from the dev team. Players are curious if their characters from the Early Access beta will carry over to the open beta, and the community manager confirms that they will.

Another question revolves around the drop rates in the beta. The response from the dev team states that the drop rates have been increased for a better testing experience. However, it's uncertain whether this change will carry over to the full version of the game. The dev team will analyze the data collected during the beta to make a final decision.

Regarding story quest progression in co-op, players inquire about whether progress is saved for all players in a group or just the party host. The response clarifies that players need to be on the exact same quest and point to sync their progress, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

One interesting question revolves around pets in the game. While there is a cosmetic reward in the beta that offers a dog companion, players wonder if the dog will grow and assist them in combat. The response states that while the dog won't grow, the druid class does have the ability to summon wolves for assistance.

Another player asks if there will be pets in the game, similar to Diablo 3. The response reveals that there won't be pets at launch, leaving room for speculation about their potential inclusion in the future.

Retrieving Accidentally Missed Drops and Avoiding Story Spoilers

The article also provides a helpful tip for players who accidentally miss a legendary drop during a dungeon run. It suggests checking the player's stash, as any missed legendaries will be sent there. It also warns players to be cautious of story spoilers when accessing certain menus, particularly the achievements tab.

Top Comments from the Community

The article concludes with a section featuring top comments from the community, allowing players to share their thoughts and opinions. Some of the comments include suggestions for future updates, such as the possibility of a never-ending procedurally generated dungeon and the inclusion of an API for community-created features.

In summary, the article addresses important updates and information about the Diablo 4 open beta, discusses player questions, and provides helpful tips and warnings for a better gaming experience. With the game's release on the horizon, players are eager to explore the world of Diablo 4 and contribute to its development through their feedback and participation in the beta.

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Diablo 4 - Urgent Beta News Update! Devs Big Response: New Drop Rates Changes, Pets and More!
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