You’Re Starting A Movement. 🔥✝️🔥~Prophetic Word~

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The Great Commission: A Calling to Make Disciples

In Matthew 28:16-20, we find the famous passage known as the Great Commission. Jesus, after His resurrection, appeared to his disciples and commanded them to go into all nations, baptizing and making disciples. He imparted His authority and assured them that He would be with them always.

My friends, this message is for you. You are starting a movement in the kingdom of God. The Lord has appointed and anointed you for a specific purpose. You are like a shepherd dog in His kingdom, going after the lost sheep and bringing them back into the fold.

Whether you are starting a ministry, launching a social media platform, or venturing into entrepreneurship, you are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have been chosen by the Lord to start a revival, to ignite a big movement.

Being Fruitful in the Kingdom

I had a vision last night of a tree overflowing with fruit, and it reminded me of the amazing things that the Lord is going to do in and through you. You are already being extremely fruitful in the kingdom of God. This is no small thing.

The Lord has moved many of you into new territories, whether it be a new country, city, state, or neighborhood. Some of you may have experienced a recent shift in your spirit, a sense of alignment and elevation. Let me tell you, you are being positioned for the second phase of your assignment. God is moving you forward to start this movement and to have an even greater impact.

Starting a Bible Study and Reaching the Lost

I have some exciting news to share! My friend Vincenzo and I started a Bible study yesterday. We held it at his apartment complex because I am moving to a new neighborhood soon. I believe the Lord is moving me to this new place because we will be holding our Bible study there every Thursday night.

But here's the best part: there is a rooftop pool outside my apartment, and we are going to do baptisms in the pool after Bible study. Isn't that incredible? We are creating a space for people to encounter Jesus and be baptized.

Vincenzo is an amazing partner in this venture. He speaks Spanish and has the anointing of evangelism. He has been gathering the lost sheep and bringing them to our Bible study. Last night, we had two women join us. One of them Vincenzo met in a casino. She is a Dominican woman who has had struggles, and she will be baptized in a week at the pool.

Our Bible study aims to reach the lost, the people on the streets, those caught up in destructive habits. The misfits, the ones who need Jesus' love and the living water that will satisfy their thirst. We are sharing the Gospel with these individuals and inviting them into a community of faith.

The Call to Teach and the Importance of Accountability

As we continue in this journey of spreading the Gospel, it is essential to remember James 3:1. The Lord urges us to be mindful of the responsibility that comes with teaching and leading others. Those of us who teach will be judged more strictly. This is a reminder to hold ourselves to a higher standard, always striving to live a life that reflects our message.

So, if you feel called to start something similar, don't delay any longer. Now is the time. The Lord is saying, "Move forward." He has given you the divine instruction and the appointed time is now. Trust in His guidance and step into your kingdom assignment.

In conclusion, remember that you are starting a movement in the kingdom of God. You have been appointed and anointed for a specific purpose. Stay faithful to the Great Commission, reaching out to the lost and making disciples. Be fruitful and allow the Lord to use you in incredible ways. And don't forget to embrace accountability and hold yourself to a higher standard as you teach and lead others on this journey. Now is the time to step forward and make an impact. Stay blessed, my friends.

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You’re starting a movement. 🔥✝️🔥~Prophetic Word~
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