Lifelong Educators Clip: Nuseir Yassin: Are You Prepared For The Future

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Absolutely! When it comes to the future of education, there seems to be a divide between those who embrace the idea of online learning and those who still adhere to the traditional model of attending physical classrooms. It's an interesting shift that raises the question of whether the majority of people are truly ready to transition from the old type of education to the vast world of online learning.

In my opinion, only a small percentage, around five percent, of the global population is truly prepared for this shift. These individuals are open to the idea of learning from online platforms, even if it means interacting with people they don't personally know. They recognize the value of accessing a wealth of knowledge from experts across various fields, and they are willing to invest in online courses or platforms to gain that knowledge.

However, the remaining 95 percent still conform to societal expectations and continue to pursue traditional education. They enroll in four-year colleges, attend physical classrooms, and rely on the traditional whiteboard teaching method. This majority may not yet be fully aware of the possibilities and benefits that online learning can offer.

It's important to note that this is just my perspective, and I'm open to differing opinions. The transition to online learning is a complex topic with various factors at play. But for now, it seems that the majority of the world is still comfortable with the traditional education system, while a smaller percentage is embracing the opportunities presented by online learning.

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Lifelong Educators Clip: Nuseir Yassin: Are You Prepared For The Future
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