The Prince And Fumnaya The Food Seller (Season 12) - 2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies

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In this strange musical exchange, we are introduced to a foreign place and a foreign language. The repetition of the word "foreign" gives us a glimpse into the unfamiliar world we are about to explore. It's a catchy and intriguing start, leaving us curious to learn more about what lies ahead.

Section 2: A Proposal and a Dilemma

We are quickly thrust into a conversation between two individuals - a prince and a father. The father is trying to persuade his daughter to marry the prince, assuring him that she will not say no. There's a touch of humor as the father confidently declares that his daughter cannot refuse him, as he carried her in his womb for nine months. The tone is light and playful, drawing us into the dynamics of these characters.

However, the daughter hesitates, wanting to first consult with her friends and loved ones before making a decision. This sets up a dilemma - should she follow her father's wishes or follow her own heart? The tension builds as we await her verdict.

Section 3: Unrequited Love and Misunderstandings

The story takes a turn as we are introduced to a character desperately in love but feeling overlooked. He confesses his feelings in a heartfelt song, hoping that his love interest will finally notice him. But she remains oblivious, consumed by her own thoughts and doubts.

In a conversation with her mother, she expresses her reluctance towards marrying the prince, as she does not feel any genuine affection for him. The mother pleads with her sister to intervene and convince her to marry the prince. There's a touch of humor as the mother promises to be eternally grateful if her sister can successfully persuade her daughter.

Section 4: Love, Betrayal, and a Shattering Revelation

The story takes a dark and unexpected turn when we discover a shocking revelation. Someone named Okoro threatens to expose a secret - the true identity of the protagonist's real father. Confusion and anger fill the air as the characters grapple with this unexpected knowledge.

Tensions rise further as Okoro accuses the protagonist's mother of deceit and betrayal. He demands that she return everything that rightfully belongs to her within a fortnight or face banishment. The truth unravels, and the protagonist is left reeling from the blow.

Section 5: The Power of Love and Denial

The protagonist, still reeling from the revelation, seeks solace from a close friend. She confesses her deep love for him but is met with denial. He firmly declares that he does not believe in love, claiming that it is fake, filled with deceit, and is not a part of his existence.

There's heartache and vulnerability in the protagonist's plea to make him understand the power of love. But he remains steadfast in his denial, leaving the protagonist shattered and questioning her own beliefs.

Section 6: Marital Expectations and Disapproving Relatives

The prince visits the protagonist's family for a formal introduction, hoping to gain their acceptance and approval. The family eagerly welcomes him, speaking highly of the protagonist's beauty and her potential for being a good queen.

However, a disapproving uncle undermines the prince's intentions, suggesting that the protagonist is not wife material. He tries to dissuade the prince, claiming that she is a prostitute and a thief. The tension between the uncle and the prince adds a layer of conflict to the story, leaving us wondering how this will affect the relationship between the protagonist and the prince.

Section 7: Love Conquers All

Despite the disapproval and doubts cast upon their relationship, the prince remains determined to marry the protagonist. He dismisses the uncle's criticisms, emphasizing his unwavering love for her. This final section highlights the power of love and the willingness to overcome obstacles for the sake of true love.

In a final musical number, the cast comes together, celebrating the triumph of love and the resilience of the human spirit. This conclusion wraps up the story with a sense of joyful triumph, leaving the audience with a feeling of satisfaction and hope.


This musical tale with its catchy tunes and unexpected twists takes us on a journey of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. Through its creative and entertaining storytelling, it explores the complexities of relationships and the power of following one's heart. As we leave this foreign world behind, we are left with a sense of wonder and a renewed belief in the transformative power of love.

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