Brits Try American Mcdonald's Breakfast For The First Time! (Ft. Ryan & Steven)

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The McGriddle Mystery

So, I've heard there's something called a McGriddle here. You guys don't have the McGriddle? Nuh-uh. Did not know that existed until very recently. I don't even know what a griddle is. Well, we're following your lead. Let's do this. All right. It's the American dream to start your days off with a McDonald's breakfast. Let's McOrder.

The Breakfast Extravaganza

There's multiple McGriddles. Which one do you wanna try? Sausage, egg, and cheese. This is probably the best one. I resent them showing the calorie count. I feel bad enough coming here. I don't need to see that. My favourite thing is the sausage burrito. You have burritos at McDonald's? I grew up on this. That's so gross, dude. Sausage biscuit is my favourite item here. Wait, you have biscuits? Sausage, egg, and biscuit. That's my favourite. McDonald's biscuits. I don't know what's more gross than the amount of food we ordered or the fact that it's only $56. Yeah, yeah. I think I almost exclusively come to McDonald's for breakfast. I wish I could say that. Okay. I'm stoked. Yeah. I'm so excited, dude. All right. What the hell? Where do we start? I have no idea.

Unveiling the McGriddle

Okay, so we've got sausage biscuit with egg. What the hell are these little things? Why do we have four? These are the best things in the world. Are these the burritos? These are the burritos. Are they little gorilla fingers? Have you ever had this? That does not look like a burrito. I literally might've spent thousands of dollars on burritos alone. Probably something you should keep a secret. I was gonna drink a sip of my coffee, but I stopped myself because I think it's really funny to say the first thing I sipped all day is a shamrock shake. Now, is it flavoured like shamrock, like grass? It's flavoured like green. Maybe the most unnatural looking drink I've ever seen in my life. Cheers.

The Sensational Sausage Biscuit

Oh, dude, it's so good. Wow. That's sweet. It's mint. It's mint? It's kind of mint. Is that not what you were expecting? I have no frame of reference for what this is. It's very sweet. It's more subtle of a flavour than I was expecting. It's revolting. This is our first sighting of a sausage egg McGriddle. Good Lord. Are those pancakes on the top? I believe so. They're thick. With an M. It does smell. All I can smell is syrup. You know what? It's pretty good. Gosh, that tastes like sin. That tastes so bad for you. McGriddle is truly the American diner experience. So when they say McGriddle you feel the nostalgia of an American diner. I think Luke actually might really like that. Pancake bun. Yeah, yeah. That's a guilty pleasure. He loves it. So Ryan, I feel like we need to move on to your favourite. Oh, the sausage biscuit. This is one of the most glorious things on the planet. I love this thing. It's so good. I don't think I've ever ate a sausage biscuit sitting at a table. I've always ate it in transit. It's the only time I will treat myself to a sausage biscuit. It has to be for a reason. If I just ate it when I wanted to, I'd be dead. I would have a sausage biscuit every day of my life. Now it's kind of short circuiting my brain because it's like a normal bun but with cellulite. It's crazy because it registers to me as a normal biscuit. Me too. It's beautiful every time. Wow, it's so good. That's basically what you said on your wedding day too. Okay. If I could make love to a sandwich, I would make love to this sandwich. Tenderly. Wow, that is actually really good. This is a lot better than any breakfast item we have in McDonald's in the UK. I can't believe you don't have this. That's good because there may be a chance I may be in the UK soon. Okay. And if I went to McDonald's and was like, let me fire up one of those sausage biscuits and they looked at me confused, I might have to fight them. I can see why you put salsa on it. Oh dude. Because what it is lacking is a little bit tanginess. Well that's why you have that shamrock shake actually. That's what that's for. My gosh. It’s an abomination. St. Patrick is literally rolling in his grave. This is what he's known for now. Wow, Ryan. You just destroyed that. You're not kidding. You really, really love that. I really love that. It's not even the best thing on the menu. That is the best thing on the menu.

The Wet and Chalky Burrito

This is so popular, it's on the all-day breakfast menu. Appearances-wise, don't love it. What the hell is this? You've never had this? Whoa, wait, wait. Okay, don't judge the first bite, just the second bite. Okay, all right. Because the first bite's gonna be mostly bread. Okay, now you add the salsa. Okay. On top of this. A lot of bread. A lot of bread. It is mostly bread. It tastes like baby food. It does. Folks, this is gross. What? This is really disgusting. What? This is the best thing on the menu. I only order this. Well, that explains a lot. Here's my case. It's the guilt-free, wetter version of what the sausage muffin is. Did you say wetter version? Yes. Definitely wet. Yeah, dude. Everyone always knows that breakfast is only as good as it is wet. You start a restaurant called the wettest breakfast. Yeah. Even the sausage is in little like vomit-sized chunks. You know like in the animal kingdom, like a mother bird chews up her food and regurgitates it. Into like a baby bird's mouth. This tastes like somebody baby birded a burrito in my mouth. It's disgusting. Look at the texture. Watch this. Hey, everybody, make sure your boss isn't looking over your shoulder because this is not safe for work. All right, everybody, buckle up. Is that another sausage biscuit? This is the chicken biscuit. Oh, what the? This feels like I'm cheating on the sausage biscuit. Oh, there you go. Let's see what happens. A little strip of fried chicken. How is that? Pretty good. Oh, it looks like it's good. I mean, I don't know. I think it may be partly because I've just had. That's good. Oh, damn. Yeah. You slandered the burrito, now. I thought you'd go in that direction. Maybe it's because we just had the burrito. I think so. Steven, I think you may have stumbled on something. Gosh. I think you actually might be a genius. Because any food that is chased after this burrito is tasting great. And you want to see the deluxe breakfast. Oh yeah. You do have that. Let's take a look. So the pancake stack, I feel like is much more substantial than what we get in the UK. He's going for the triple deck. Yeah. Is that not, is that? It's your body.

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Brits try American McDonald's Breakfast for the first time! (ft. Ryan & Steven)
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