‘Anti-Fascists’ Cause Mischief In Cornwall Yesterday, During A Protest About Asylum-Seekers

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Protests and demonstrations against immigration have been a recurring theme for at least 50 years. However, what once were peaceful and orderly affairs have now taken a dark turn with the arrival of so-called anti-racists. These individuals, who claim to stand against racism, have caused disruptions and even violence at these protests, leading to a dangerous atmosphere.

One such incident occurred in 1974 in Red Lion Square, where Kevin Gatesley lost his life. Another occurred in 1977 during the Lewisham riot. Unfortunately, even after half a century, we are still witnessing similar events. Just yesterday, around 50 people gathered outside the Beresford Hotel in Cornish Town, which has been commandeered by the home office to house single men seeking asylum. Sadly, the growing number of foreign men in the town has created an atmosphere that makes women and girls feel uneasy.

The uneasiness among the residents of Cornish Town is worsened by recent cases of rape involving foreign men. In January, Vet On Duo Carrier, a failed asylum seeker, was convicted of raping a girl in Cornish Town at Truro. Last month, Muhammad Al-Khalidi was sentenced for raping a woman in Falmouth. These are not isolated incidents, as there have been several other men with foreign names standing trial for similar offenses in recent months.

Many local residents fear that the influx of single men from countries where customs differ significantly from those in the UK poses a threat to their wives and daughters. Regardless of whether their concerns are valid or not, it is a point that should be able to be made peacefully by citizens in a democracy.

However, the problem lies in the fact that left-wing activists who claim to be anti-racist or anti-fascist often oppose any form of dissent. They disregard democracy and the legitimate right of others to voice their disagreement with certain policies. These activists converge on protests against immigration, aiming to disrupt and attack both law enforcement and those opposing immigration.

Yesterday, events in Newquay followed the same familiar course. Approximately 150 masked men descended upon Newquay to assault those staging a demonstration outside the Beresford Hotel. The thumbnail image of a video captured the chaos as these masked and hooded men clashed with the police.

The protesters were also shedding light on the fact that homeless people in the town are living in much less luxurious conditions compared to the foreign migrants housed in the hotel. They argue that this is unfair, and perhaps they have a valid point.

It is becoming increasingly evident that a significant number of people are becoming frustrated with such disparities and feel the need to express their dissatisfaction. However, for those on the left, any cause related to supposed racism becomes an excuse to resort to violence.

Law enforcement, in this case, thankfully took action and arrested the violent anti-racists. It is essential to note that the original demonstration by the citizens against immigration was entirely peaceful and law-abiding.

The Clash between Democracy and Disruption

The clash between those defending democracy and those engaging in disruptive protests is not a new phenomenon. Since the 1970s, anyone organizing a protest against immigration knew that they would be met with opposition from left-wing activists. These activists disregard democracy and the legitimate rights of citizens to express opinions contrary to their own. They use violence to silence any dissent and attack both law enforcement and those protesting against immigration.

The Need for Balanced Discussions

While tensions and concerns around immigration are undeniably high, it is crucial to approach these issues with open-mindedness and a willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue. Disruptive protests and violence only serve to further polarize society and hinder progress.

The concerns raised by the residents of Cornish Town regarding the influx of foreign men and the treatment of the homeless are valid and deserve thoughtful consideration. However, these concerns should be addressed through constructive discussions and the democratic process rather than resorting to violence.

In a democracy, every citizen has the right to express their dissatisfaction and concerns regarding policies and the impact they have on their lives. These voices should be heard, and a space should be created for an open exchange of ideas. Only through respectful dialogue can we find common ground and work towards solutions that benefit everyone in society.

Let us not forget that democracy is built on the foundation of mutual respect and the recognition of the rights of all individuals. It is essential to foster an environment where people can express their views without fear of violence or persecution. Only then can we make progress towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

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‘Anti-fascists’ cause mischief in Cornwall yesterday, during a protest about asylum-seekers
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