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In this second lesson of the season of Passage, we embark on a quest to learn the passage of reliance. As we enter the Passage area in the Isle of Dawn, we are greeted by the Passage Guide, who has crafted a mask to teach us this important lesson.

The journey begins as we venture into the Realms of Sky to find the mask and learn its passage. While the footage in this video was recorded in advance in the beta version, it may differ slightly from the live experience, especially in terms of the number of people present. While I only encountered one or two individuals during my exploration, you may encounter hundreds. The beauty of the game lies in its unpredictability.

To begin the quest, we head to the Forest Brook in the Hidden Forest. The mask awaits us near a gazebo, nestled amidst the scenery. As we approach the mask, a cut scene introduces it to us. This mask will be our guide throughout the journey, teaching us the passage of reliance.

The mask offers to teach us this passage if we rest near it until nightfall. This is one of the remarkable aspects of the season of Passage – it allows us to explore familiar realms in their nighttime glory. So, as we wait, we are treated to the enchanting sight of the Realms at night, with their familiar features illuminated by the moonlight.

During this waiting period, we may encounter other players who have also embarked on the quest. These quests are designed to be group activities, with a countdown for each quest. This creates a sense of anticipation and camaraderie as we wait together for the quest to commence.

While waiting, we can explore the surroundings and interact with other players. Some servers even have unique characters, such as adorable ghost-like creatures. These encounters add an extra layer of charm to the quest experience.

It's important to note that venturing too far from the designated area can lead to losing our source of light. As we traverse through the darkness, mysterious red eyes peer at us from the edge, adding an eerie touch to the adventure. However, there is nothing to fear from these eyes; they simply vanish upon closer inspection.

Once the countdown is complete, the quest begins. Our objective is to clean up the discarded equipment left behind by careless Prospectors in order to complete the passage of reliance. While not mandatory, collecting these items rewards us with wax, a valuable resource.

Guided by the mask's light, we navigate through the darkness, picking up objects and staying close to ensure we don't lose our light source. There are moments of suspense and trepidation as we make our way through the forest, but with a bit of caution, we progress steadily.

As we near the end of the quest, the mask's light dims, making the surroundings more challenging to navigate. However, with determination and the faint glow of the mask, we overcome each obstacle.

Finally, we reach the conclusion of the quest, marking the fulfillment of the ancestor spirit's wish. As we gaze upon a beautiful rock adorned with fireflies, we reflect on the wisdom of reliance that we and our fellow players have honored.

A magnificent mural, showcasing the ghosts' journey through the forest, becomes a testament to our collective achievement. The spirit dons the signature mask, symbolizing the completion of the passage of reliance.

In addition to the intrinsic rewards of wisdom and accomplishment, we also receive a free-to-play mask and a significant number of regular candles. This serves as a valuable reminder of our progress and a memento of the quest.

The second lesson of the season of Passage has been an awe-inspiring experience, from the beauty of the Passage area to the nighttime enchantment of the Realms. As we conclude this lesson, we can't help but feel a sense of excitement for the adventures that lie ahead.

Thank you for joining me on this quest. Your presence has made the journey all the more memorable. Until the next adventure, farewell!


The second lesson of the season of Passage takes us on a captivating journey through the Isle of Dawn. Exploring the Passage area, we learn the passage of reliance, guided by a remarkable mask. As we navigate through the darkness, collect discarded objects, and overcome challenges, we not only complete the quest but also honor the wisdom of reliance. The season of Passage continues to captivate with its enchanting realms and group quests, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next lesson.

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Quest 2 - Haunting Forest at Night - Season of Passage | Sky Children of the Light - nastymold
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