My Sponsor’S Getting Sued… - Tears Of The Kingdom Switch Oled

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The Adventure Begins with a Joke

Can I open this with a joke? Of course! Picture this: I'm about to embark on a journey to the land of higher rule. Get it? Because it's Hyrule, but with Sky Islands. In all seriousness, I'm not the biggest "Breath of the Wild" fan. I didn't buy the DLCs, I don't cosplay as Link in bed—my bad, not Zelda. The point is, I've only put about 250 hours into the game. So, I'm only slightly excited about "Tears of the Kingdom." The fact that the special edition Switch OLED we're unboxing doesn't come with the game doesn't bother me at all. It's all good; I'll buy the game separately. Let's dive into this adventure, shall we?

dbrand vs. Nintendo: The Battle of Skins

But wait, why would dbrand sponsor a video about a device that's already skinned? It's not enough to go toe-to-toe with Sony; they want to challenge Nintendo too. They've sponsored an unboxing of a skinned Switch OLED to showcase their own skin. An Illuminati triangle instead of Nintendo imagery? We'll get to that later, or maybe not at all if dbrand goes bankrupt fighting Nintendo in court (fingers crossed they can still afford to pay me).

The Joy-Con Experience

Let's start with the joy-cons. I'm pretty happy with the quality of the plastics here. This special edition is surprisingly solid, and the gold has a fair bit of sparkle. I'm digging the matte white look. What about the screen printing quality? Not too shabby, especially considering you'll be interacting with it daily. One side is meant to look weathered, so a little rubbing off wouldn't matter. But the other side? That's a letdown. I haven't peeked at anything related to "Tears of the Kingdom," so these joy-cons are leaving me a bit bored.

A Peek at the Dock

Moving on to the dock; this is where things get interesting. I can see where dbrand was headed with this. They've tried to add some flair to it. The box looks cool, and they don't even show the back of the Switch. Why doesn't the back of the Switch look as exciting as this box? The backside of the dock is a tad mundane, but let's be honest, you won't be displaying that side. What about Nintendo's version? I would've expected more pizzazz, but it's just bestagones instead of circles. It's almost identical to the original. But hold on, dbrand has something to offer.

dbrand vs. Nintendo: Joy-Con Face-off

As we look closely at dbrand's version, it's clear they've taken inspiration from the original joy-cons. But, a bubble here, Clone of the Kingdom? Not perfect. However, they've excelled at curved device wraps. In my humble opinion, I think I like dbrand's design better. It's more intricate and higher contrast. It's not just about the gold; it's the pearlescent quality that makes it stand out. But is it legally too close to Nintendo's? Do they employ artist lawyers who try to replicate something as closely as possible without infringing copyright? I have questions!

Decrypting Hidden Messages

Before I fire up "Tears of the Kingdom," there's a hidden message from dbrand to decode. They probably roasted me, so here we go. "Haha, Linus is so short and has an ugly car." Boom, decoded! Oh, there's more? It's a series of mysterious symbols. "This funds our legal defense." Well, well, dbrand has a sense of humor and a plan.

The Breath of Freshness in "Tears of the Kingdom"

I haven't touched my Switch since I completed "Breath of the Wild" six years ago. I'm launching "Tears of the Kingdom" and let me tell you, I'm both excited and nervous. While I have mixed feelings about returning to the same Hyrule, the overwhelmingly positive reviews have me intrigued.

The Adventure Never Ends

As I start playing, let me take a moment to introduce you to LTT Sticklocks, the ultimate console accessory to keep your joysticks secure during transport. These silicone rubber wonders prevent accidental bumps, ensuring your gaming adventures go smoothly.

In conclusion, "Tears of the Kingdom" might take us back to familiar grounds, but it's the journey that counts. Meanwhile, the battle between dbrand and Nintendo for the best skin rages on. It's a wild world out there, whether you're Link or just a tech enthusiast on an unboxing adventure.

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My Sponsor’s Getting Sued… - Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED
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