Laurent Durieux, illustrateur de renom, a créé l’affiche de la cérémonie des Magritte


Laurent Durieux, a Belgian illustrator, has created a new poster celebrating cinema and giving a nod to Magritte, with a focus on showcasing the beauty of the cinema itself. The poster reflects Durieux's style, including his love for retro, light, and contrast. Durieux became popular in the United States for his interpretations of iconic films like Hitchcock's "The Birds", Spielberg's "Jaws," and Coppola's "Apocalypse Now." Durieux explained that when working on an exceptional original poster, the difficulty lies in finding another relevant aspect, which he achieved by focusing on showcasing the cinema building itself. He enjoys the process of telling a story through his work and capturing the elements in a scene. Durieux's next creation will be the poster for Godard's new film, slated to release after the Magritte awards. Durieux's love of cinema and creative interpretation make for exciting and engaging artwork.

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A Celebration of Cinema: Laurent Durieux's Latest Creation

Laurent Durieux has done it again. With a hint of pride in his voice, the renowned illustrator presents his latest masterpiece - a celebration of cinema, and a nod to the works of Magritte. Durieux was approached by the Magritte Foundation to create this poster with the primary aim of promoting the movie theatre experience, which is increasingly being deserted. With this in mind, he worked to create an image that would put the cinema front and center, while incorporating his signature style - retro, luminous, and contrasting colors.

A Slow Start in Belgium, But Regarded as a Name in the US

However, it took a while for Durieux to gain recognition in Belgium. He stumbled upon the world of alternative cinema posters by chance and initially made a name for himself in the United States with his reimagined interpretations of iconic films such as Hitchcock's "The Birds," Spielberg's "Jaws," and Coppola's "Apocalypse Now." Durieux was tasked with creating a new version of an Apocalypse Now poster after Francis Ford Coppola had already commissioned a version from famed poster artist, Bob Peak. Durieux felt he had to take the opposite direction of Peak's masterpiece to ensure his poster was equally relevant.

A Love for Pen and Paper and Storytelling

Durieux is an avid fan of pen and paper, often filling entire sketchbooks before turning to the computer to refine his ideas. He believes in the importance of storytelling, and every element must be in its right place to create a captivating and immersive visual journey. His latest creation is a testament to this ethos.

Patience for the Next Creation

The anticipation for Durieux's next poster is high, and it happens to be for Godard's "Le Mépris." The illustrator is known for taking his time when it comes to his creations, and therefore, we'll have to wait until after the Magritte awards to see what he has in store for us.

In conclusion, Laurent Durieux's latest creation is a testament to his love for cinema and his unwavering dedication to promoting the movie theatre experience. His use of retro, luminous, and contrasting colors has become a distinguishing feature in his work, which has caught the attention of film lovers worldwide. Whether with pen and paper or a computer screen, Laurent Durieux's mastery of storytelling and meticulous attention to detail continue to elevate the world of alternative cinema posters.


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