Vở diễn cuối cùng của cố nghệ sĩ Diệp Lang - trích đoạn cải lương "Tấm Lòng Của Biển"


Ngoc Han interviews artist Diep Tien in a touching tribute to his late father, Diep Lang, a well-known actor in Vietnam. They talk about Diep Lang's struggles with heart disease and his pride in his son's successful role in the play "Tam Long Cua Bien". Diep Tien also opens up about the challenges he faced pursuing his passion as an artist overseas and expresses regret for his past behavior towards his mother. However, he affirms his gratitude for his mother's sacrifices and dedication that allowed him to have a good life today. The conversation ends on a melancholic note as they both acknowledge the absence of Diep Lang and the importance of family relationships in the face of challenges. The interview highlights the importance of filial piety and love between family members. Despite the difficulties, family members have a deep sense of attachment and support for each other. Ultimately, the text emphasizes the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of family.

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The Interview: A Touching Tribute to Diep Lang

The interview between Ngoc Han and Diep Tien is a touching tribute to the late artist Diep Lang. As an actor in Vietnam, Diep Lang was well-known for his performances, but his life was cut short by heart disease. Ngoc Han, his son, shared the difficulties his mother is facing as she fights a similar ailment. Despite the loss, the family is still trying to cope with the situation and move on. In this interview, Diep Tien shares his memories of his last performance with his father, highlighting the pride his father felt as he completed the stage performance despite his failing health. Diep Tien also speaks of the challenges of being an artist overseas and how he struggled to pursue his passion.

Regrets and Gratitude

The interview takes a poignant turn when Diep Tien expresses his regret for not being a better son to his mother. Despite the sacrifices his mother had to make to support his upbringing, Diep Tien had hurt her in the past. He acknowledges his mistakes and is grateful for the life he lives today, which he owes to his mother's resilience and determination. Diep Tien is overwhelmed with guilt for not speaking up and causing his mother pain. However, he also chooses to remain silent about his past, recognizing that it would only hurt his mother more. The interview highlights the importance of filial piety and the sacrifices parents make to raise their children.

Loss and Grief

As the conversation progresses, Diep Tien speaks of missing his father and acknowledges the absence he feels in his life. He shares a moment of connection with Ngoc Han, who has also lost his father, and highlights the shared experience of loss and grief. Despite the difficulties, the artists express their appreciation and gratitude for their loved ones who have supported them through difficult times. The interview is a poignant reminder of the importance of family and the sacrifices they make for us.

Family Relationships

The conversation highlights the complexities of family relationships, with individuals playing multiple roles and fulfilling different responsibilities. The conversation suggests that family relationships can be ambiguous, and there is often a sense of guilt and responsibility that comes with raising children. However, despite the ambiguities, the interview emphasizes the importance of love and attachment between family members who support each other through difficult times.

The Resilience of the Human Spirit

The tales of the artists underscore the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the difficulties and challenges, they continue to pursue their passions and remain grateful for the love and support they receive from their family members. Their stories serve as a reminder that life can be difficult, but we can always find the strength to overcome our struggles. In that sense, the interview serves as an inspiration to readers who may be facing their challenges today.

In conclusion, the interview between Ngoc Han and Diep Tien is a touching tribute to the late Diep Lang and his legacy as an artist. The interview highlights the importance of family and the sacrifices parents make in raising their children. It also underscores the complexities of family relationships and the various roles family members play. Ultimately, the interview emphasizes the resilience of the human spirit, even in times of loss and grief. As such, it serves as an inspiring read for anyone seeking inspiration today.


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