Every Pack Was A WALKOUT On The RTG!


The video features a content creator playing the fantasy foot cup and opening packs in hopes of getting a fantasy foot hero. The creator is determined to win two games to complete the cup's objectives and gain rewards. Although he is frustrated with a player who initially does not follow Golden Goal, he wins two games and opens packs. He hopes to get a fantasy foot hero in his packs but instead gets good fodder like Harry Kane. He thinks grinding for the rewards is worth it and plans to complete the cup backward to receive better rewards. In addition, the creator submits free players to the campaign player pick and hopes for a future star card but ends up with Marco Reus. He is happy with the pick and intends to use him to qualify for Foot Champs. The creator's team consists of various players, and he shows his gameplay in a match that ends with Ronaldo replacing Drogba for a win.

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Are you a fan of FIFA 21? If so, then this article is for you! In this exciting and humorous video, the narrator is in a rush to play the fantasy foot cup, only available for another hour and a half. He has completed all objectives except for one - winning ten matches. Accompany the narrator on his journey to try and win the cup, pack a fantasy foot hero and qualify for Foot Champs.

Grinding for the Fantasy Foot Cup

The narrator's first obstacle is a player that initially refuses to play a Golden Goal match, adding to his frustration. However, after winning two games, he is ready to open packs. He starts with the 83 times 10 pack and hopes to pack a fantasy foot hero. Unfortunately, he doesn't. Instead, he gets good fodder. But things look up when he opens the 85 plus two players pack and finds Harry Kane, another excellent addition to his team.

The narrator is happy with the rewards, and he achieved them by grinding the fantasy foot cup for an hour and a half over three days. He considers it worth it and eagerly wants to complete the cup backward to earn even greater rewards.

Frustrating Picks for Campaign Player Pick

The video proceeds with the narrator opening some packs and submitting his free players to the campaign player pick to try and get a first owner future star card. However, his luck runs out, and he gets an awful pack with low-rated players. Later, he gets another campaign player pick and hopes for some German players or a future star card. Unfortunately, he gets neither and chooses Marco Reus instead.

Despite the disappointment, he is happy with the pick and plans to use him to qualify for Foot Champs. His team consists of various players, including Didier Drogba and Royce. He shows his gameplay in a match against a Birmingham City fan, and his team wins the game. The match is followed by some substitutions, and Ronaldo replaces Drogba.


In conclusion, the video is about the narrator's journey to win two games of the fantasy foot cup and pack a fantasy foot hero. Although he didn't get the hero, he was pleased with the rewards and will undoubtedly use them to better his team. Likewise, despite receiving low-rated picks from the campaign player pick, he still remains optimistic and even qualified for Foot Champs. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the humorous and light-hearted video as the narrator takes you on a journey through the exciting FIFA 21 world.


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