The Kenyan Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) obtained a court order to investigate claims that police officers invaded former Cabinet Secretary Dr. Matiangi's home with the intention of harassing, intimidating or arresting him outside of legal procedures. The former Cabinet Secretary obtained an anticipatory bail, which prevented the police from arresting him. The investigation was conducted with professionalism and respect for the former Minister's rights. He was formally invited to record his statement, but the appointment initially offered to him was inconvenient. He eventually appeared at the DCI headquarters on a convenient day for him. This administration's policy is to treat all suspects with respect and dignity, and the police will not engage in inhumane treatments or dramatize arrests. The government respects the DCI's recommendations and the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Security facilities should be respected and not used as a theater for politics. Any person trying to illegally access them will be dealt with ruthlessly and decisively, regardless of their rank, political affiliation or standing in society.

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Government's Commitment to the Rule of Law

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) obtained a court order to investigate claims that some police officers invaded the privacy of Dr. Matiangi's home with the intention of harassing him, intimidating him, or arresting him outside the legally prescribed procedures. Simultaneously, the former cabinet secretary moved to court and obtained anticipatory bail preventing the police from arresting him. The DCI invited Dr. Matiangi to record his statement and establish the facts of the matter.

Professionalism and Due Process

The investigation process was carried out with utmost professionalism, dispassionately, and in compliance with the policy guidelines of the current administration. The police treated Dr. Matiangi with respect, dignity, and upheld his fundamental rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution of Kenya. The government policy entails an absolute respect for the rule of law, regard for all constitutional organs, and respect for all independent offices in the country.

Guidelines for the Processing of Suspects

The government is developing guidelines to improve the speed of recording statements to ensure that suspects are treated humanely, respectfully, and served expeditiously. These guidelines will form part of the service charter for all security agencies charged with investigating crime and processing suspects for arraignments. The standards will apply to all persons under investigation, regardless of their rank and standing in society, on the basis of equality guaranteed in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

Independence of Decision Making

The DPP will make independent decisions based on the recommendations made by the DCI. The government will respect the decisional independence of the DPP and the courts. Any person prosecuted as a result of the investigations shall receive a fair trial.

Respect for Security Facilities

On the day Dr. Matiangi appeared before the DCI, some politicians and their supporters caused a commotion and threatened to mobilize people to forcibly access the DCI headquarters. The government directs all security agencies to ensure that our security facilities remain protected areas, and should not be allowed to become a theater for politics or any other unlawful behavior. The protection of our security facilities from political and other extraneous interferences applies to all without exception and without regard to political affiliation.


The government has committed itself to uphold the rule of law and respect constitutional organs and independent offices in the country. All suspects of crime should be treated with dignity, respect, and their fundamental rights and freedoms upheld. Cases of invasion of privacy and excessive dramatization of arrests are not part of the policy guidelines of this administration's criminal justice system. Any officer who engages in such theatrics will face disciplinary actions. We must respect our security facilities and ensure that they remain protected to avoid political interference. Respect for the rule of law applies to all without exception and without regard to political affiliation.


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